One Visit Crowns

Why choose CEREC?

A significant advantage of CEREC is that the entire procedure is done in one visit, from start to finish. This means less time is spent in the dental office. In the past, getting a crown involved at least two visits to the dentist. Thanks to CEREC, multiple trips to our office are no longer needed to achieve beautiful and long-lasting dental restorations.

How does CEREC work?

First you dentist will examine your teeth to determine what type of restoration is best for you. After tooth preparation is completed, an optical impression of your teeth is taken using a special 3D camera. The image is transferred to the computer where your crown is designed using a computer aided design (CAD). The technology creates the most precise restoration available today. Next, the specifications are sent via computer to our in-office milling machine. In just 20 minutes, this state-of-the-art machine fabricates your custom, color-matched restoration. Finally, your crown is fitted, polished, and bonded in place. The entire process only takes approximately 2 hours. Contact us to schedule your one day crown today.