Tooth Implant

An example of a tooth implant.

Missing teeth can cause discomfort, as well as embarrassment, for may people. A tooth implant is one of the best and most preferred ways to replace those embarrassing or comfortable missing teeth because it lasts a long time and has a very natural feeling. Implants are a great solution to restoring a beautiful, natural smile.

A tooth implant is always custom made for our patients. It is placed into the jaw as a completely functional substitute for the missing tooth.

The first step in the tooth implant process is to develop an individual treatment plan, which addresses the patient’s specific needs. Our staff will ensure the best possible plan is established. Next, the root implant, which is made out of titanium, is placed into the bone socket of the tooth that is being replaced. As the jawbone begins to heal, it grows around this implanted metal post. This securely anchors it in the jaw. The complete healing process can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks.

Once the implant has connected to the jawbone, a connector post–or abutment–is attached to the post so that the new tooth is securely held in place. In order to make the actual new tooth, we will make an impression of the teeth which gives us a model of the patient’s bite. This shows us all of the teeth, their type and how they are arranged. The new tooth is then made from this model and is then attached the the abutment. The patient is then ready to continue with their life using a brand new, fully functional, tooth or teeth.