Sleep Apnea

Everyone strives for a good night’s sleep. This is why Dental Health Associates offers the professional services to treat sleep apnea, which is actually a sleep disorder in which breathing is interrupted repeatedly during sleep. This can also result in loud snoring.

Signs that you may have sleep apnea include: frequent awakenings during the night; excessive snoring that may bother one’s bed partner; trouble concentrating at work or school; constant fatigue throughout the day; or the nagging feeling that you never get enough sleep, no matter what.

There are currently over 80 different oral devices on the market designed for diminishing snoring and for the treatment of sleep apnea. Many of these devices move the lower jaw forward, while others serve to retain the tongue. Both types are made to reduce the likelihood of one’s tongue falling backward, and consequently, blocking the airway. Although this type of device may sound unpleasant, many people find them to be quite comfortable.

At our office, we take the time to listen to the wants and needs of our patients regarding sleep apnea and snoring solutions. Our doctors and staff will customize specific, effective treatments based on the individual’s needs. We have extensive experience and knowledge in managing sleep apnea and snoring with the use of oral appliances. You can be sure that our staff will help you choose the most comfortable and effective device for your specific situation, using one of the wide variety of sleep appliances we offer.