"I had a wonderful experience at Dental Health Associates!!! I brought my baby girl in when she was only 2 months old because of a lip and buccal tie. She was very fussy majority of the time, spitting up after every feeding, would not take a pacifier or bottle, inconsolable, etc.. and I was desperate to get her (and myself) some relief! I felt very comforted from the moment I walked in the door. Everyone was so kind and welcoming in the office. Dr.Schmidt did an amazing job of explaining what was going on because of her ties and what the procedure would entail to release them- he made me feel at ease leaving her for the very short time the procedure took knowing she was being well taken care of. Afterwards- he sat me down and explained what to expect going forward and I left with no questions or concerns. At my follow up visit Coley was a ray of sunshine- again, so welcoming! I had the pleasure of reporting to them that they completely changed my baby girl for the better. She was a new baby almost instantaneously- happier, no longer spitting up, would take a pacifier and a bottle with ease.. which were all things she was not doing prior! I would 100% recommend this team! They rock!" 

- Hannah Tschida

"When we got referred to Dental Health associates for my son lip tie, I was very worried about the procedure and was hopeful that my sons gas was really from his lack of seal around his latch. Dr Schmidt was amazing at explaining the procedure to me and made me worry less! We are 4 weeks post procedure and my son has had less gas pains and eats so much better! We are all way happier now after the successful procedure!"

- Abby Russ

"My baby girl could not latch without a nipple shield, despite help from a lactation consultant. At 4 weeks, we went in for tongue and lip tie correction. Coley and Dr Schmidt were incredibly kind and thorough in explaining the symptoms, procedure, and post-op expectations. They have a private room to nurse your baby afterwards, and you get an email full of helpful videos and information. At the one week follow up, she was latching about 30% of feedings, and by two and a half weeks post-op, we were able to get rid of the shield completely! Our breastfeeding journey was saved, and I’m so thankful Dental Health Associates was recommended to me."

- Tatum Strand

"My newborn daughter had a bad tongue tie that was not caught at birth. One month into breastfeeding I was really struggling so I first took her to my chiropractor and my chiropractor identified her tongue tie and referred us to Dental Health Associates. After a consultation, the doctor said that she couldn’t get her tongue to the roof of her mouth or extend it past her gum line. I felt horrible as I probably should have caught it sooner and noticed the signs, but as a first time mom, I thought everything was normal. Even though we were 15 minutes late to the appointment, and I forgot to fill out the paperwork before hand, they were still able to get us in that day for both her consultation and her procedure. We had to follow ups after that and both went really well. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dental Health Associates. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel like my daughter was a priority. My daughter is almost three months old now and she is so happy and she’s smiling all the time."

- Sarah Goulet

"I was definitely weary about getting my 3 month old daughters tongue and lip tie revised because I thought it was only for breastfeeding purposes and none of her doctors had mentioned anything about her ties. She has a complex medical history and we were treating her with reflux medication for a few weeks. Her reflux symptoms weren’t improving and she was starting to refuse to eat altogether. I booked a consultation with Coley and Dr. Schmidt and had the procedure done the same day. Within days she is a completely different baby. She is so much happier and all of her reflux symptoms have dissipated. It really is such a quick and easy procedure that will benefit her for the rest of her life. Thank you Dental Health Associates!"


- Alexandra Wander